Gravesite: Newport Beach with an ocean view. The ocean was important to us. Some of our happiest days were spent on our boat.

Casket: Silver, chosen from a brochure. I couldn’t bring myself to go to the mortuary.

Clothes: That was the hardest. My children and I stood in front of his closet, held on to each other and sobbed. My eldest son, Jonathan, finally chose a navy patterned Hugo Boss tie. It was my husband’s favorite. My youngest son, Justin, rummaged through dozens of pants and jackets and finally handed me a navy pin stripped suit, yellow t-shirt shirt and tennis shoes. I reached into the top draw of the dresser and pulled out a pair of beige bikini under shorts that I had bought for Warren in Paris. The sight of the nude pinup woman on the front changed our tears to smiles.

“Dad would have wanted it this way . . . us laughing and him going out looking utterly ridiculous.”