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"[the] three dozen or so dates [Halperin] recalls in this memoir-cum-advice book...are entertaining and even enlightening...fellow daters will appreciate her engaging blend of humor and honesty."

—Publishers Weekly

"The chapters you sent were funny and poignant. I love that you write from your heart and your soul and your belly. Your writing style is fluid and I feel as if you are sitting with me, the ocean crashing in the background, feet up on the deck, laughing about how you grew through all of these experiences. It's a terrific story . . . journey, and I know that there are so many people out there that will relate to it . . .and laugh and cry."

Dr. Dale Atkins,
Author and frequent contributor on the TODAY show

"The chapters were so funny and unexpectedly poignant . . . I
loved it."

Harley Jane Kozak,
Author of Dating Dead Men and Dating Is Murder